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周转 Cyclic

published in the 190 issue of Life Magazine


dark waves carried

through their ambush


this is the fifth poem I worked on in the project. the whole page was originally three separate images of a lit glass bottom I got sent. I guess the photographer JYrs's intent was to choose one of them but I was drawn to the continuity of the shots - the emergence of an icy blue blob growing into an eye-like image. in my mind's eye, these three are 连环画 serial pictures (like a comic strip) that flow, develop and contextualise each other.

again before any words written, I knew I wanted them in a straight line that cut through the serial images like a thread, conceptually and visually binding them. I also enjoy the aesthetic contrast of a thin, light-weighted line against & through circles that designate a relatively defined space on the page. I cropped the visual poem slightly differently in this post to show how I intend the words, in form & semantics, to do the binding. for example, 阈口 meaning 'threshold' is literally at the 'threshold'/gap of the 'blurry consciousness' circle which is made of five Chinese words that point to different experiences of 'obscurity'.

周转 refers to the shape of the glass, as well as the cyclic routine during lockdown.


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