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            Growing Wonderlust

This poem is commissioned by curating team 居上LIFENESS, as foreword to artist Kebeyo's exhibition (same titled). The poem was featured at the exhibition in 2021. 

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​〇: Cycle of Rain

first published in

republished in issue 13 of Ghost Proposal

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‣ this is what someone said, or made it so  

‣ Like a Ping Pong Ball

house of 野蛮生长 wild growth 

‣ hook

"At Home In the Multiverse 瞬间多元时空" project
    reflecting on the recent mega-lockdown experience in SH, where life
    seemed to be in vacuum of time;
    in collaboration with sevent photographers within a week of creation
    - one for each day.


爬行 Vermiculation

重启 Reset

失灵 Glitch

流明 Lumen

周转 Cyclic

洞见 Insight

时体 body of time



@Bat City Review

@Paris Lit UP

@The Offing

more forthcoming...

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