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失灵 Glitch

published in the 190 issue of Life Magazine

「 连

时间 的 褶皱



失 灵

失 灵






f u r r o w s of



in the sizzling diminuendo

down the west

down the west

down the west 」

This is the third poem I worked on in the project, and it was when I started to toy with the 3D architectural poetics (I'm phrasing as it is for now). All of the visual effects in my poetics are intended to create dimensions and new readings. It boils down to one desire I hold onto in art (and in life I guess): to allow openness and interactiveness. When I think of bringing in an alternative reading path, I want it to be literally branched out on the graphic page.

This photograph by 红薯 was originally a multi-layered print of a digital image of sunset which he printed several times onto the same piece of paper by a home inkjet printer (thanks to limited access to equipment during lockdown) until the ink ran out. the 重叠 overlapping imagery that looks like a glitch reflects distortion of time during lockdown, which I think is also manifested in his processing of the image and material.


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