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a live experiment between spoken word and other art forms.

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  S T R U C T U R E &

  i m p r o v i s a t i o n

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Intepreter at Underground Club Culture, @Modern Art Museum, 2019

art-related bebates in various art museums in Shanghai, 2020-2021
- 當代藝術需不需要被公衆理解
  Does contempory art need to be apprehended by the public? @M50
- 人人都是藝術家嗎?
  Is everyone an artist? @K11
- 藝術家的品德應不應該成爲其作品的評判標準?
  Should artists' morality become the judging criterion of his/her own work?
- 藝術家前面加”女性“兩個字有必要嗎?
  Is it necessary to add 'female' in front of 'artist'?  @Shanghai TANK


Leture Cognitive Poetics:Embodiment
and Conceptual Metaphor
@Inkwell Shanghai Writer Retreat, 2021

artist's talk organised by Curious Together, 2022

guest lecture Multimodality: Translingual Concrete Poetics @NYU, 2022

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