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〇: Cycle of Rain

〇: cycle of rain is firstly a translingual poem experienced in a digital kinetic environment.

The poem reconfigures the visual language of 雨 (rain) and uses it as an anchor signifier in the compounds of 霝 (/líng/ drops of rain), 靈 (/líng/ soul; spirit), 𩂣 (/luò/ rain arrives; fall). The poem creates a multimodal texture, intertwining sound (except for 𩂣, all characters are homophones) and logograms (all characters are signified through the radical 雨 ). 〇: cycle of rain tries to offer a zoom-in ride through strata of language – the graphics, the morphs, the phones, in the textscape and proposes a different reading path and experience, with varied modes interlocking in spatial and temporal dimensions.

〇: cycle of rain will be published in soon this month.

Invited by Cement Park, Jill performed the the poem at Yell Space gallery in Shanghai, with somatic experience added to create another multimodal entity.


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