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洞见 Insight

published in the 190 issue of Life Magazine




车前盖 / 哈哈镜


the topsy-turvy trees

of day and night


onto the distorting mirror / (of) car hood


in the morning haze」

this is the sixth poem I worked on in the project. I chose this photograph from the rest Maxine sent me bc it's a scene I'm often drawn to as well - reflection (especially of trees) on wind shields (and greater parts of cars). it's something mundane (trees and resting cars in the compound you'd definitely get bored of a week into lockdown) captured in such acid-fluid sensation of illusion.

people sometimes asked if I was intending for shapes of a certain object in my vispos. sometimes I do but a lot of times I don't..I mean I usually didn't have the complete picture in mind. what I often had was a nebula of words, beautiful ambiguity or semiotic meaning to be fledged out by the graphics I intuit. the shape/form of each poem came into existence through the organic process of experimenting words in different places - here's why the 3D poetics is so crucial bc it allows more possibilities/pathways/DIMENSIONS. each poem ended up in its own form partly determined by the words I have & partly how I wanted to bend the syntax that normally constructs those words.

for this poem, I amplified the interactiveness of my core poetics and it's a happy coincidence that it somehow turned out looking like a car hood :)


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